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European Union Economic Diplomacy--The Role of the EU in External Economic Relations

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                                             European Union Economic Diplomacy

                                             The Role of the EU in External Economic Relations

                                             By Stephen Woolcock, London School of Economics, UK

     The European Union is a key player in international economic relations, but its exact role and how it goes about making decisions and negotiating is often poorly understood within and especially outside the EU. When does the EU play a proactive role and when does it follow? When is the EU a distinct actor and when is it just one level in a multi- level process of negotiation in which the member states are the main actors? Does the EU possess normative power in external economic relations? Does the EU have the capability and willingness to use its still significant economic power? European Union Economic Diplomacy provides the first comprehensive analysis of the factors that determine the role of the EU in economic diplomacy. In an up-to-date treatment that includes consideration of the impact of the Treaty of Lisbon, it contains a comprehensive explanation of decision making and negotiating processes in the core areas of trade, financial market regulation, environmental diplomacy and development co-operation. The book is intended for those interested in EU policy making, but also those who simply need to understand how the EU functions in the field of economic diplomacy.

    This introduction is excerpted from ASHGATE. For more information, please click:

    This book has recently been translated into Chinese by Prof. Zhang Xiaotong, the executive director of Wuhan University Research Centre for Economic Diplomacy. For more information, please visit:图书/dp/B00VK02E3K

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