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    Established in July 2013, Wuhan University Research Center for  Economic Diplomacy is a new think tank focusing on matters of economic diplomacy. The WHUCED is committed to providing support for government policy, as well as consulting services and training programs for enterprises and institutions. It is an independent non-profit organization.

    The Center has engaged in an extensive study covering subjects such as economic diplomacy, multilateral and bilateral economic and trade relations, global governance and so forth. Among the members of international society, WHUCED has laid particular emphasis on the EU, the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean region,Central Asia, etc.. Moreover, the Center is dedicated to analyzing important issues in international affairs and offering advice and suggestions with regard to the analysis.

    The Center has two professors, four associate professors, four lecturers and six research assistants at present. Research areas of WHUCED includes international relations, diplomacy, world economy and international law.

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