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[book]European Union Economic Diplomacy--The Role of the...


European Union Economic DiplomacyThe Role of the EU in External Economic RelationsBy Stephen Woolcock, London School of Economics, UK The European Union is a key player in international economic r...[View]

[book]Tsunamis in the Caribbean


Tsunamis in the Caribbean By Liu Guangyuan Tsunamis in the Caribbean is a page-turner concerning politics in the Caribbean region. It is the companion piece to Hurricanes in the Caribbean, telli...[View]

[book]Hurricanes in the Caribbean


Hurricanes in Caribbean By Liu Guangyuan This book, based on the writer`s personal experiences, is a long-length novel related to international idle fund, stock markets and finance, ect.. It d...[View]

[book]PEACEFUL WAR——How the Chinese Dream and the Amer...


DEscriptIONPeaceful War is an epic analysis of the unfolding drama between the inevitable forces of the Chinese dream and the American destiny. Just as the American experiment evolved, Deng Xiaoping’s Chin...[View]

[book]TRADE for PEACE──How the DNA of America, Freemas...


This book traces the history of the two foreign policy traditions from their incarnation in the colonial settlements to their evolution into a lasting rivalry between Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian idea...[View]

[book]China’s Economic Diplomacy, 2002-12


For hundreds of years, China has deployed economic diplomacy with great skill. Stretching back to the Warring States period, it has used economic means for foreign policy objectives, and vice versa. I...[View]